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Month: June, 2013

New Tatine!


We just received a huge shipment of candles from Tatine! These are some of our favorite candles in the shop. They’re handmade in Chicago using a blend of soy and beeswax. The scents are wonderfully earthy in come in fragrances like Forest Floor, Tabac, Tomato Leaf, Woodsmoke & Creeping Moss. We’ve just added Bitter Orange/ Lavender and Wild Honeysuckle from their Garden & Forest Infusions collection as well as Crushed Mint, Bitter Fennel, Ginger & Corriander from their Ambient collection. We’ve also added two new scents from their Tisane collection:

Kensington Gardens: “notes; you’re here with me, surrounded by lily of the valley. To be known is everything. Fall asleep with me, with the sun on your face and jasmine in the air.”

Celebration Day: “notes; a little celebration, there’s something in the air. bitter sweet orange blossoms, neroli and pine bark. we’re gonna dance and sing in celebration.”


New Scents!


We’ve been carrying the fantastic unisex Tonic fragrances from West Third Brand for awhile now and we adore their clean scents and classic packaging. They’re made in small batches in California and are just $32 a bottle. They come in scents like Vintage Leather, Smoky Fig, Tobacoo 1812 and Foret Noir. We just added two new fragrances from the Tonic line:

Gardenia Di Vita: “An intoxicating blend of fresh gardenias layered with freesia and hints of orange blossom & cucumber notes.”

Vanille De Santos: “The sensual vanilla flower orchid layered with jasmine, white lily with subtle hints of exotic patchouli and spice.”

We also just added a selection of scents from their new Société de Senteur line. They’re all so good we’re having a hard time picking favorites!

First Arrow: “Tamarind blossom & pepper with subtle hints of rose, cranberry plus wood notes blended with patchouli hints of vanilla, black violet and cacao flower.”

7 Heartbreaks: “Citrus notes muddled with soft floral notes of magnolia & peony. Under currents of sweet apple, pear, chocolate with notes hazelnuts & amber.”

Road Trip: “White musk, patchouli, and star anise hints of iris, osmanthus layered with sandalwood, vetiver & cedar.”

Ropes & Sails: “Refreshing citrus notes of grapefruit and calamanzi layered with muguet, jasmine, sage with juniper accented with rosewood, sandalwood and pettitgrain.”