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Month: October, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a round up of some of our favorite vintage images! Hope you’re doing something fun! (All images via Pinterest).


As Seen In…

In my travels around town I love spotting Porch Light items lovingly incorporated into new environments. Some of my favorite sightings of Porch Light goods have recently been at local cafes. I couldn’t resist sharing these highlights…

We’ve long carried these fantastic retro school clocks… Here they are in their natural Porch Light habitat.

And here’s the green version at Oui Presse on Hawthorne. Don’t you love it mixed in with the vintage glass plates?! I can’t even begin to express how charming/ delicious this cafe is… it has quickly become one of my favorite new places. (Photos via Oui Presse).

And then there are these new lamps we’re carrying at Porch Light. We adore them paired with a classic Edison bulb.

Here they are in use at Coffeehouse NW on W Burnside… They have one on every table which helps to create one of the coziest atmospheres around.

(Photos via Yelp and Coffeehouse NW).

Local Love!

Lots of folks who visit us are curious which products (especially jewelry) are locally made. To that we say, Good question! Porch Light carries a variety of goods from a variety of sources, from large companies to small artisans. We proudly carry a handful of great local products and would love to share some with you here!


Letterpress cards by Oblation Papers. We adore their clean, classic vintage-inspired aesthetic. Did you know that Oblation is also practically our neighbor in the Pearl? When our orders are ready they just walk ’em on over.


Stationary by Two Guitars! Their designs are so good we can hardly keep them in stock. Screen-printed stationary with images of typewriters, bicycles and air stream trailers… perfection in greeting card form.


Jewelry by Jesseca Anne (who also happens to be one of our shop gals!). Jess makes custom pieces just for Porch Light that often incorporate reclaimed materials like vintage watches, lockets and antique beads. She LOVES talking about ALL of the jewelry at Porch Light and will gladly help you pick out the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one!


Did you know that Keiran (the owner of Porch Light) is also a jewelry designer? Some of her beautiful designs are at the shop too! Keiran uses sterling silver and creates striking, modern pieces that sometimes incorporate cheerful pops of color (with resin!).


These recycled silverware keychains are made locally, just for us. We think they’re quite charming.


We recently started carrying Harlow jewelry. Her elegant designs are often made with natural gemstones like sky quartz, pyrite, rutilated quartz, labradorite, chrysoprase or carnelian. (We JUST put out a fresh batch of Harlow so come on over if you want first dibs!).

Little Boxes!


Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again? We sure can’t! Last year a magical Black Friday event called Little Boxes was created by the lovely folks behind Betsy & Iya (Betsy & Will!). It was a huge success and we’re so pleased to be participating again this year. The day after Thanksgiving is typically a big chain store/ mall holiday that promotes sale induced frenzies… If mall madness is not your cup of tea then Little Boxes might be more your speed. Little Boxes celebrates the small/ unique/ lovely/ independent stores that Portland has to offer… and the best part? It’s not limited to one part of town… it’s your favorite little stores and it’s city-wide!!! Perhaps you even participated last year so you already know how it works? If not, it’s simple… there will be maps listing all the participating shops and if you show a receipt from one to another you will receive their special discount or deal. This event makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and gives us an extra dash of Portland pride. So mark your calenders and stay tuned for more details… a full list of participating shops is coming soon.