A Day for Dad

by porchlightportland

My dad usually makes gift giving pretty easy.  Every birthday or holiday, he’ll send along his Amazon wishlist with the newest Brian Wilson record or a re-release of a Turtle’s album.  It’s convenient, if not a little boring.  Which is exactly why I was so excited when I found the perfect pairing gift to go with the CDs I ordered: a vintage pendant flag from my dad’s alma mater .

My find inspired me to put together a little Father’s Day gift guide from things here at Porch Light, to hopefully help those of you who haven’t found the perfect thing yet.  So here are my favorite picks for all of the Dads in our lives:

A nice fountain pen.  These Kaweco pens have a wonderfully sleek aesthetic and even come in their own tin.  We have fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and two different styles of mechanical pencils.

A vintage globe and this “Tom Thumb” typewriter would make for great decoration in his office.

A new book for his library!  A Carpenter’s Life tells author Larry Haun’s perspective on American carpentry by delving into the history and building process of 12 houses he has known personally.  Likewise, New Vintage Type explores the sentimentality and power of vintage type.  Each page is chock-full of modern advertisements that employ classic, Americana type and design.

A new take on the “duh” Father’s Day gift.  Instead of picking him up a shiny new measuring tape from Home Depot, why not choose one of these vintage tools?  They’re sturdy, full of history and of course, way cooler looking than any of the new products out today.

A candle wouldn’t have been my first idea for a good Father’s Day present, but creator Margo  explains exactly why I’m wrong: “FOUNDRY Materialized from my love of industrial warehouses, design, and objet’, vintage motorcycles and the men who ride them. I admire history and craftsmanship in old buildings + things, how they were made and how they work. The collection reflects heavyweight found objects, completely handmade and re purposed in recycled glassware with vintage motorcycle racing numbers. The thick recycled chip board box includes a copper grommet and leather pull. The fragrances have a darker more masculine edge and many are made using only ancient blends of pure essential oils. The collection evokes the old world feeling of hand crafted hard labor, love and passion, love and light.”

Scents: Palmarosa, Holy Basil, Ancient Calamus Root, Orange Tinder

So there are my Top 5.  Stop by before June 17th and let us help you find the perfect Father’s Day gift!