Road Trip!

by porchlightportland

My lucky sister bought a ’71 VW bus over the weekend!  And, of course, we have already started to make plans for the perfect summer.  Like packing up the bus and heading out for a weekend camping trip, or spending the hot summer days slowly meandering down the 101, or bringing a picnic and the dogs out to the river. 

Not that any of these things aren’t possible without a VW bus, but it really does complete my ideal image of perfect  summer road trips.

Like most old Volkswagens, it’s going to need some work before it hits the road.  But that’s always half of the fun, right?  Doing the grunt work of tiling the floor, sewing the curtains, and re-wiring the ignition seems almost as exciting as the actual trip itself.  So here’s my list of things to do and things to purchase that will help turn this old VW bus into a home:

1. Postcards.  A wonderfully efficient way to remind the loved ones back home that you’re thinking about them while on the road.  The 3rd photo is a sampling of the postcards we have here at Porch Light.  $1.50 each.

2. A good rug: We just got in these Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rugs.  They’re made of a stronger, more durable fabric and can be used as an area rug in your living room or underneath your patio table.  I imagine rolling up to the camp site, opening the doors, and spreading out one these rugs right under the door step. $36-$84

3. Curtains: Instead of sticking with the standard curtains, I thought it’d be nice to go for something a little bit more inventive.  We have these vintage feed sacks in shop, which would work great for both the curtains or re-upholstering the seats.  The one pictured below is for sale here, $22.

4. Storage tins:

A vintage tool box to store your spark plugs, wrenches, and bolts. $42.

These reproduction wire gym baskets could work for sorting hand towels, storing books, separating shoes, etc.  Knowing my sister, these guys will probably be holding rock climbing gear or spare bike parts. $28 each.

5. Travel-sized sundries: These mini-sized soaps, candles, and lotions would be ideal for traveling.  And as a plus, they’re wonderfully scented and all-natural.

E. Barrett “Tiny Soaps.” $2.25 each with scents like Verbena Flower, Honey, Rose, and Sweet Camellia.

Barr Co. 2 oz tin candles. $12 each with the combined scents of milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver.

Blithe & Bonny hand and body lotion. $14 each with scents pictured above.

That’s as far as I’ve made it on the check-list, but check out our Pinterest board “Road Trip!” for more photos!