History Lesson: Photography

by porchlightportland

Though the idea of photography dates back to 5th century BC, it was not until 1826 that French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first permanent photograph.  You can see his image above, which he aptly titled “View from the Window at Le Gras.”  Over the next century following Niépce’s discovery, photography would change from camera obscuras and pinhole cameras to darkrooms and Kodachrome (which just so happens to be my favorite Paul Simon song.)

Portrait of Sitting Bull by Orlando Scott Goff, a famous Western photographer. 1881.

Anna Buckley by Alfred Cheney Johnston, the official photographer for the Zeigfield Follies.  A lost collection of Johnston’s photographs were recently found and compiled into a beautiful book, Jazz Age Beauties.  We sell the book here at Porch Light for $45.

An array of cameras (including Porch Light’s collection in the lower right hand side.)  Here are some of my favorite color photographs:

This timeless image is actually from an early Kodachrome test transparancy.

How times have changed!  Photo by Ansel Adams.

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