History Lesson: The Bedroom

by porchlightportland

Working at an antique shop inevitably leaves me daydreaming about the past lives of some of the wonderful items we get in (my latest example being the Frog Gig we have in the shop!)  As I unpack the boxes and boxes of new treasures Keiran has transported from the Midwest, I can’t help but wonder how some of these items were made, how they were used, who used them, or what time period they come from.

Which is exactly why I was so excited to find the BBC series If Walls Could Talk: History of the Home.  The series is based off of Lucy Worsley’s book by the same name and is separated into episodes, each episode focusing on a specific room in the house.  It explores not only the architecture of a given room, but the social history and common practices of the time.  For instance, did you know that most European houses do not have closets?  Or do you know the etymology behind the idioms “hit the hay” or “sleep tight”?

I wanted to share a little portion of their episode on the bedroom.  Stay tuned to see more episodes!