Spring is here!

by porchlightportland

Though it may not feel like it, it is officially the first day of Spring!  Naturally, I’ve started planning for the upcoming sunny days: picnics at Sauvie Island, sowing seeds into my garden beds, road trips to the Gorge, and home-cooked dinners in the backyard with friends. Here’s what we have in the shop that will help necessitate all your Spring dreams:

Of course, you can’t have a picnic without a picnic basket.  The two at the bottom are for sale, here in the shop! (top basket $55, bottom basket $45)

(images via Pinterest)

Whether it’s a flower bed, a succulent garden, or a full-fledged backyard homestead, it’s always nice to see a little color in your yard (and to get your hands dirty!)  We have an array of tins, pots, thermometers, wooden crates, and garden tools to help get your garden growing. (images via Pinterest)


We’ve got the perfect things in store to set a table like the one in pictured above.  Pitchers, drink caddies, and farm tables ( ($38, $28, and $1095 respectively.)  Not to mention, a whole bookshelf filled with beautiful cordial glasses, cloth napkins, and colorful vases. (images via Pinterest)

We hope to see you soon!