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Month: March, 2012

Porch Light Press!

Check out this nice little write up from Copy Strands:

(image via Copy Strands)

On a recent trip to Portland, OR I found out that one of my favorite vintage home decor shops moved from Mississippi Avenue to the Pearl District! The next time you are in dowtown Portland check out the new location of Porch Light (225 N.W. 11th Ave). A vintage home decor lover’s dream shop! My home is decorated with Porch Light finds (from my travels to Oregon over the years) from a wire mail holder to chalk board gift tags and vintage Mason jars.

P.S. Porch Light will have an online shop soon too! Can’t wait!

Thanks so much Shannon for the kind words!


History Lesson: The Bedroom

Working at an antique shop inevitably leaves me daydreaming about the past lives of some of the wonderful items we get in (my latest example being the Frog Gig we have in the shop!)  As I unpack the boxes and boxes of new treasures Keiran has transported from the Midwest, I can’t help but wonder how some of these items were made, how they were used, who used them, or what time period they come from.

Which is exactly why I was so excited to find the BBC series If Walls Could Talk: History of the Home.  The series is based off of Lucy Worsley’s book by the same name and is separated into episodes, each episode focusing on a specific room in the house.  It explores not only the architecture of a given room, but the social history and common practices of the time.  For instance, did you know that most European houses do not have closets?  Or do you know the etymology behind the idioms “hit the hay” or “sleep tight”?

I wanted to share a little portion of their episode on the bedroom.  Stay tuned to see more episodes!

Spring is here!

Though it may not feel like it, it is officially the first day of Spring!  Naturally, I’ve started planning for the upcoming sunny days: picnics at Sauvie Island, sowing seeds into my garden beds, road trips to the Gorge, and home-cooked dinners in the backyard with friends. Here’s what we have in the shop that will help necessitate all your Spring dreams:

Of course, you can’t have a picnic without a picnic basket.  The two at the bottom are for sale, here in the shop! (top basket $55, bottom basket $45)

(images via Pinterest)

Whether it’s a flower bed, a succulent garden, or a full-fledged backyard homestead, it’s always nice to see a little color in your yard (and to get your hands dirty!)  We have an array of tins, pots, thermometers, wooden crates, and garden tools to help get your garden growing. (images via Pinterest)


We’ve got the perfect things in store to set a table like the one in pictured above.  Pitchers, drink caddies, and farm tables ( ($38, $28, and $1095 respectively.)  Not to mention, a whole bookshelf filled with beautiful cordial glasses, cloth napkins, and colorful vases. (images via Pinterest)

We hope to see you soon!

Mr. Postman

Quite ironically, this Sunday afternoon has me thinking about our mail service.  It was these vintage mail carrier bags that we have in the shop that sparked my interest (and, admittedly, a long search on Pinterest.)  I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds!

1900s Postmen (image via Pinterest)

A correspondence between cousins (image via Pinterest)

If only stamps still looked this good (images via Pinterest)

All in a line (image via Pinterest)

A wonderful antique mail box (image via Pinterest)

A vintage Air Mail envelope, quite similar to the ones we have here at Porch Light! (image via Pinterest)

A postman delivering mail to the troops in WWI (image via Pinterest)