The Unexpected

by porchlightportland

Hands down, the item that gets the most attention in our store is the mattress we have hanging above our desk.  The typical reaction is usually along the lines of “well who would have thought?!”  Exactly!  I find it absolutely necessary to add a little quirkiness into my home decor, something that can transform the severity of an old, rusty mattress into a piece of art.  Below are some of my favorite images of unexpected decorating!

A vintage ladder used as shelving (via Pinterest)

A new home for your toy animals (via Pinterest)

An old chicken feeder used as a plate rack.  We have a bunch here in the Pearl shop that we use for card holders.  (via Pinterest)

So beautiful.  An antique shelving unit as a flower vessel (via Pinterest)

I might have expected antique flashlights to be used in decorating, but hanging in a bunch as overhead lighting?  Amazing!  (via Pinterest)

An old crate as a lettuce planter.  I did this with my basil last summer and received many compliments! (via Pinterest)

We’d love to see the creative and unexpected ways that you have decorated your house!  Feel free to post a picture on our Facebook page!