Interiors We Love: Pt. II

by porchlightportland

As 2012 begins, we here at Porch Light are filled to the brim with new ideas and inspiration. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite photos to share with you and maybe give you an idea of what to expect from us in the coming months!

The study. (via thepursuitaesthetic)

While the outside of this bus is undeniably charming, it’s really the inside that makes it for us.  Couldn’t get any cuter.  (via kaydrizz)

I loved this so much I tried it at home with my own mini cable table!  (via theformalist)

A great use for old wooden crates. (via ashleycorl)

I love the pops of color with the stark white.  (source unknown)

With the hanging lamps and a saw blade for decoration, this space is definitely reminiscent of our Pearl shop.