For the handyman

by porchlightportland

One of my favorite things about Portland is the abundance of old, Victorian houses.  The house that I live in dates back to the early 1900s and is filled with wonderful character and funny architectural quirks (i.e., a laundry chute that runs through the kitchen, rounded ceilings, and a bathroom in a closet).  While I would never give up my house, I must admit that it requires a lot of upkeep; I’m constantly hammering, patching, painting, or drilling.

When picking tools for said upkeep, I always opt for vintage rather than new.  I’ve found that they tend to last longer.  And of  course, their old wooden handles and patinated metals look much better than the new, plastic-handled tools out today (my vintage tools become decoration when they’re not in use!)  Here are some of my favorites that we have in the shop:

An assortment of hammers, $16   $18   &  $24

A cast iron level, $38

A vintage Stanley rosewood & brass angle stop, $22

A trouble light (which we think looks lovely with an Edison bulb inside), $135

Expandable metal ruler, $14

Adjustable wooden clamps, $28  &   $24

And you’ll now need something to hold all those tools!   $48

Quite possibly my favorite piece in the store.  A workbench, complete with a vice and multiple drawers.  Who wouldn’t love to have this in their studio?  $1,125

All items listed above are available for purchase at our Pearl shop location.