Mason Jars

by porchlightportland

You’ve probably noticed our vast collection of Mason jars scattered around both of our stores.  We love Mason jars not only for their antique and industrial look, but for their versatility and functionality.

Mason jars were first manufactured in 1858 for the purpose of canning.  New productions of these jars are still available today, but the antique jars are the ones to keep an eye out for (some have sold for as much as $30,000!)  They’re one of our handiest tools, whether they’re holding our rubber bands or a fresh arrangements of dahlias.

We love all the different ways these people have displayed their jars:

A vase for a floral arrangement (image via lifeingarrison)

Cool industrial lighting (image via Posh Posh)

D.I.Y. liquid soap dispenser (image via Kaboodle)

A unique cocktail glass (image via Design Sponge)

D.I.Y. wall mounted craft storage (image via Pinterest)