Bauer Pottery

by porchlightportland

At both Porch Light locations we carry a fantastic assortment of new Bauer stoneware pottery. We adore Bauer for the cheerful colors, the exceptional craftsmanship and the classic designs. Original Bauer pottery was produced between 1885- 1962 and remains highly sought after today. The company was founded in Louisville, Kentucky by J. Andy Bauer and later moved to Los Angeles.  In 1915 Louis Ipsten became the designer for Bauer and was responsible for the bright colors and the ring patterns that helped to catapult their mainstream popularity.  Today, Bauer 2000 reproduces new pottery based on the original designs from the 1930’s and 40’s and still made in Los Angeles. At Porch Light you’ll find a collection of tumblers, mugs, vases, butter dishes, cookie jars, bowls, pitchers salt and pepper shakers all in the most gorgeous shades of yellow, blue, green and red.  (All images by Bauer).