Porch Light Pearl in the Press!

by porchlightportland

Our newest shop in the Pearl just got a great write up on the Oregon Live website. Here’s what they had to say:

“After surveying the new businesses that opened in Portland last month, it’s no surprise that the city is always near the top of sustainability and environment-friendly ratings. Boutiques and brewpubs alike are making it very clear how green they are, as are gyms and eyewear stores. It may seem clichéd to some, but Portland business owners have a knack for practicing what they preach. So check out all the new spots that our great city has to offer—just make sure to turn the light off after you use the bathroom.

Porch Light

For antiques with a slightly hipper edge, check out Porch Light in the Pearl. The shop, which also has a North Portland location, specializes in rustic wares that come primarily from the Midwest. The shop will be a welcome counterpoint to the more upscale, nouveau shops that populate the Pearl. Browse beautiful chairs straight out of your great aunt Mildred’s living room, or pick up a vintage set of glassware for your kitchen. Porch Light also features a collection of modern and vintage jewelry that is both formal and fun. Considering Portland’s affinity for the styles of the days of yore, Porch Light in the Pearl should fit right in.”

Porch Light, 221 NW 11th Avenue
Source: (http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2011/07/rounwenty_five_portland_neighbd_up.html)
Thanks Oregon Live!