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Month: June, 2011

Happy 4th!

We hope you’re gearing up for something fun on the 4th! Maybe a picnic or barbeque? A trip to the river (if it manages to get that warm)? If you’re wisely planning on adding s’mores to the festivities  we’d like to suggest this adorable star stick idea from Martha Stewart. Other suggestions include a very patriotic red white and blue cruiser that’s at our Mississippi Ave location and an antique croquet from our Pearl shop. Hope it’s a good one whatever you do!


Meet the Team: Jess

*Tell us about yourself:
Hi! I’m Jess. I work at both lovely Porch Light locations and write many of the blog posts that you’ll find here. I grew up on the beaches of Rhode Island, attended a small arts college in Vermont and moved to Portland  a little over 5 years ago. When I’m not at Porch Light I’m usually in my studio designing jewelry for my two lines, Paper Treasure and Jesseca Anne.
*How long have you been working at P.L.?

I’ve been at Porch Light since January and it’s been a dream job!
*Have you always liked vintage things or did something/ someone in particular spark your interest?

My parents are both big antique collectors so I grew up going to flea markets and antique stores with them.  When I was 12 or so I discovered vintage buttons and began my first collection… I was drawn to the fantastic colors of bakelite and celluloid. At the time I wanted to collect enough to cover a whole purse with them. Although I don’t wear the purse anymore I still have a sweet spot for old buttons and I’ve been hooked on treasure hunting ever since.
*What sorts of things do you like to collect?
These days I collect antique jewelry, both to wear and to use in my own creations. I also love bottles, wooden boxes and art deco tins.
*Any hobbies, things you like to do in your spare time?
Working on jewelry takes up just about all of my spare time these days. If I’m not doing that I’m usually rummaging around in thrift stores or spending time with friends.

Meet the Team: Veronica

*Tell us a little about yourself:

Hi there! I’m Veronica, one of the great ladies here at Porch Light. I am a mother of three cutie-pies; two beautiful girls, and one precocious little boy. I am originally from California, but after wandering through Denver, Hawaii, Washington and Germany, I have finally settled down here in Portland ever since 2003.
*How long have you been working at P.L.?
I am proud to say that I have been working at Porch Light for a year and a half, and that I have loved every single day of it!
*Have you always liked vintage things or did something/ someone in particular spark your interest?
I have always loved history and feel that vintage items are a way to live history. As a child, I loved early American History and wished that I was Laura Ingalls! As an adult I fell in love with the beauty and heart of the the first half of the 20th century. It doesn’t hurt that everyone back then had such a killer style!
*What sorts of things do you like to collect?
Hmm, well, I am fairly certain that when I grow up, I am going to be an eccentric old lady with a house filled with treasures! At the moment, my favorite collectibles are vintage Pyrex, chalk-ware fruit, milk glass, snack sets, and vintage dresses! I think my next thing to collect will be vintage sewing notions and vintage ceramic animals; because you know everyone needs vintage ceramic animals!
*Any hobbies, things you like to do in your spare time?
With three kids, my personal spare time is a precious commodity! That in mind, I try to spend it being creative. Some of my favorite things to do are cooking and baking. I don’t think many things get me more excited than cooking for theme parties! I love coming up with menu items and going crazy in the kitchen. My other passion is sewing. Although I am most definitely a novice, I have fallen in love with making my own clothes. I particularly enjoy making clothes from vintage patterns.
Thanks for reading about little old me, and I hope to see you all soon at Porch Light!

Summer Party Ideas

Happy Summer Solstice to you! We hope your summer is off to a great start so far! If you’re planning a backyard get together here are a couple of simple decorating ideas that will add instant charm. Both Porch Light locations have vintage jars and tins that you could use to recreate these looks for yourself. (Images 1 & 2:  covetliving.com 3 & 4:  saipua.blogspot.com)

Inside Our Pearl Location

Here’s a peek inside of our brand new second location in the Pearl. We’re so pleased with how it came together and hope you’ll stop by to take a look. We’ll be officially open starting Friday, June 24th. Our hours are the same at both locations, Mondays- Saturdays 11-6 and Sundays 11-5.

(Photos by Danny Palmerlee).

Our Sign is Up!

Things are starting to feel official over here! Yesterday we tore the paper off the windows and today our sign went up. Doesn’t it look great? We’re still working on some of our displays but we’ll be open for a little sneak peek if you want to drop by this weekend to say hello. We’ll have regular hours sometime next week…Stay tuned! (212 NW 11th Ave between Davis and Everette in the Pearl).

Sneak Peek: Porch Light Pearl

It’s pretty exciting around here…We’re getting closer to opening our second Porch Light location in the Pearl District (221 NW 11th Ave)! Here’s a little peek at our progress… Stay tuned for opening day details!

Picnic Ready!

It’s starting to feel like summer and we’re more than ready to spend our days lounging in the sun. We’ve been waiting patiently all winter long for picnic season to begin again… Here are some images that have us feeling especially inspired. Some  of these great picnic accessories are currently available here at the shop: classic red and white checked table cloth (or picnic blanket)$48, vintage thermoses $12-$18 each, wool plaid blanket $58 and glass caddy set $18. We also have an adorable vintage wicker basket for $32 and a great book called Lazy Days & Beach Blankets if you’re looking for a little more inspiration and some great recipe ideas. (Image 2. via Readymade)

Father’s Day Ideas…

Father’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday, June 18th to be exact!). Porch Light has you covered with lots of great gift ideas that any Dad ought to love. For starters we have a great selection of vintage tool and tackle boxes, antique bottles, vintage flashlights, moleskine journals and picture frames.

Summer Hats Are Here!

Good news, friends! We just received a shipment of the most perfect summer hats. There are so many great styles we bet it’ll be hard to chose a favorite!