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Month: May, 2011

Porch Light Pearl & Eden!

So by now you may have heard the rumor… and it’s true! We will be opening a second Portland location in the Pearl District. We’re hard at work getting the space primed for a July opening. We’ll be carrying vintage and antiques (of course!) and your favorite products from our Mississippi location as well as a great selection of new lines. You’ll still recognize us in the Pearl but we’ll have a slightly different feel… think a little more streamlined and expect a great selection of industrial pieces. The second shop will be located right in the heart of the Pearl at 221 NW 11th ave, right between Davis and Everette. Guess who our new neighbor down there is? It’s Eden, a brand new boutique opened by our longtime Mississippi Ave pal, Cindy of the Flutter fame!  Eden is Flutter’s sister store with heavy influences in the bohemian 1960’s/70’s with art deco/ nouveau leanings and a woodsy flair. Eden is specializing in fantastic books, heavenly candles and perfumes and glamorous jewelry.  Stay tuned for images of our new space as we get closer to the opening date. In the meantime check out Eden, their doors are officially open! (Images: http://www.edenportland.com)



Keiran recently headed to Iowa to meet up with her sister Kate (who owns another Porch Light there!). The duo rummaged through flea markets, estate sales and dusty old warehouses filled with great old treasures to source some great new pieces for the shops. There’s an enormous truck loaded with the fruits of this trip and it’s headed to Portland soon. We’ll keep you posted on it’s arrival but until then, here are some snapshots to tide you over… (Want to see more? visit us on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/PorchLightPdx)

Garden Daydreaming

Now that the weather’s getting nicer we’re thinking about sprucing up the garden and dreaming of  the little dinner parties we could have out there come summer. Porch Light has a variety of your garden needs covered. We have plenty of containers that you could cleverly turn into planters, we have tables, chairs and benches, a great selection of vintage tablecloths and even a vintage watering can. What are your garden plans? (Images: http://www.housetohome.co.uk)


If you’ve visited the shop chances are that you’ve noticed the large vintage school map we have hanging on the wall behind the counter. We apologize to everyone who has pleaded with us to sell them our large map, but we just love it too much. We do, however, have some very cool, colorful vintage world map pages for sale. Such an interesting way to brighten a room.  Images: 1). http://www.designspongeonline.com  2). http://www.restoredstyle.com