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Month: March, 2011

Peony Candles

We recently got in some truly special new candles. They’re so pretty you might not even want to burn them! There are two different peony sizes as well as a green succulent version. We think they’d look amazing as a centerpiece floating in your favorite bowl (or really anywhere that needs a little burst of Spring!)


Tool & Tackle

We just scored an amazing collection of old tackle, tool and file boxes, in a variety of sizes and colors. Besides just storage for your tools or tackle these could also help you organize your art or craft supplies, hide your best treasures or be turned into a jewelry box. The possibilities are really endless… what will you do with yours?

Crate Shelving or Tables


Speaking of the many uses of vintage boxes… How about this idea? We have lots of antique wooden crates that you could easily hang on the wall or stack together or use as tables. Photo Credits: 1). http://www.designspongeonline  2).www.readymade.com

Wooden Boxes

If you’ve visited us you’ve probably noticed that we have a thing for vintage and antique wooden boxes. We have quite the collection of cheese boxes, drawers and crates in a variety of sizes. One of the reasons we love them so much (aside from the beauty of old wood) is that they’re just so handy! They’re such a great way to decorate as well as to organize. Here are a couple examples we especially like: 1) http://www.apartmenttherapy.com  2 & 3). http://www.designspongeonline.com

Inspired Decorating

At Porch Light we love decorating with unexpected items. Here is an amazing example of just what we mean…a vintage rake that’s been re-purposed to serve as a  fantastic jewelry display. We carry so many items that are just waiting for your creative eye. Need a little extra inspiration? We’ve have a great selection of decorating books that are sure to give you some fresh ideas.

Photo credit: http://www.readymade.com

Think Spring!

Well, it’s officially Spring and we couldn’t be happier! Here in Portland we’re beginning to see the tell-tale signs… the tress are budding and the flowers are starting to bloom. Yesterday I couldn’t help myself… I cut the first batch of daffodils that had sprouted up in my backyard and immediately brought them inside for an instant burst of color and fresh air. At Porch Light we have a wide array of beautiful bottles  and jars (both new and old), vintage pottery and creamers that could easily serve as exciting vases for your own arrangements.

Photo Credits:  1). http://www.covetliving.com 2). http://www.marthastewart.com

Listening To:

If you’ve been into Porch Light you’ve probably noticed that we love old time music. It really helps to set the mood for all our old-timey things. You’ll often find us listening to the likes of Billy Holiday, Nina Simone or Sarah Vaughn among many other greats. Here’s one of our favorites.

Now Online:

Good news long distance friends! We are now offering select items online in an etsy storefront. Right now in the shop you’ll find a great selection of vintage pottery and vintage jewelry. See for yourself:



Hello and welcome to Porch Light’s new blog. We’re so happy you found us! Here we’ll be sharing our love for vintage and antiques. You can keep up to date on the new items we’re stocking as well as catch a glimpse at what’s inspiring us. We hope you’ll stay tuned and check back often!